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Not What I Envisioned
My mouth makes sounds,
Not just sounds, but words,
Jokes, insights and insults.
Yet all meaning is lost.
And when I listen, I hear
So much, so loud, so close.
Words, requests, laughter
And tears. I hear so much.
And what do I see?
I do not know. I try, I try.
I see all the colours, everything.
So tell me why I am blind!
This is harder than I thought.
This is not what I envisioned.
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How many of you have ever watched YouTube?
How many of you have ever used Wikipedia?
How many of you use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter?
How many of you have ever used "I Can Has Cheeseburger" or similar sites?
How many of you like the idea of free speech?
How many of you would be willing to give even ONE of those up?
There are currently moves in the United States of America to end free speech on the internet. While the initial idea of the Stop Online Piracy Act and similar bills/treaties has a good motive, the practical effect will lead to the end of free speech and artistic expression on the internet. This is NOT an exaggeration. If it was I would be jumping for joy. I should also point out that even Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America does not approve of this act.
There are currently international treaties to enact this USA crap in other countries. Well, seeing as how I support freedom of speech (hell, I would have been shot years ago otherwise)
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Starlight Wanderer
And when apart I dream of stars
Upon their silver light I tread,
Speeding across the sky, my soul ablaze,
Seeking the greatest wonder in the cosmos.
And I finally realise, with such shock,
That among the golden skies, frozen stars,
Planets of life, clouds born of colour
That my greatest desire is to return.
Return to the owner of a heart freely given.
And thus, eagerly and upon starlight,
Speeding back from the heavenly wonders
I speed to you. Always you.
And you see me, as I am.
And I see you, as you are.
One soul, two bodies, together at last.
Always and forever.
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Attracted to Purple by JesterofShadows Attracted to Purple :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 3 0
No Prince Charming
    "Writers will happen in the best of families." – Rita Mae Brown.
    I have written a lot of short stories in my life, mainly fantastic things of heroes and villains, dragons and devils. I have also written many a tragic story, which are vignettes of my life but with the names altered to protect myself from repercussions. Ironically, until last year I had never written about my family, and I suppose it was to protect them, but also to protect a part of my life that I wished to keep secret. As I once told two of my friends who were arguing about Creationism and Evolution "Knowing something's origins surely makes it far less fun." When questioned to the meaning, I simply answered to them both "Look at your steaks. Once that was a living creature that only wanted to live and raise young of its own, but was killed, mutilated, transported and by looks of it, overcooked." My friends were unimpressed, as one is a biological student, the
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Mature content
Dear You :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 0 0
Sins of the Father
    It has come to my attention that there is a sin perpetrated by parents everywhere. The greatest of sins against their own children. And what is this sin one may ask? It is a lie they tell us, they tell us every day we live, every day we breathe. This lie is so great and so manipulative that for most of our lives we never realise it existed. My father contributed to this lie like all parents. Like all parents must.
    My father is mortal.
    How dare he be mortal! How dare this man, who for most of my life was a giant, was an unconquerable rock! Nothing shook him. Nothing disturbed him. Nothing angered him. Cool, calm and collected he would assess any given situation apply cold logic and then tell a joke.
    And then he had to ruin it by having a fucking heart attack!
    That is not to say I despise my father. Nothing is further from the truth, as I love him deeply, and on many an
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Upon My Pyre
Screaming, I fall deeper into the darkness.
I try and catch my body as my soul descends,
Alone, lost and cold, into Hell's confines.
I am in the desolation, ripping at the seams.
A decade passes, and the Abyss grasps me.
I feel my blood ripping apart, screaming
As each cell aims to take control of the whole.
Now I find myself injured and broken.
Soon, my heart leaves me, no tears shed.
Shock and awe consumes me and mine, stunned.
Soon, I am begining to grow colder, older.
An absence beating where once a heart belonged.
A short peace is felt, a splash of joy,
But this temptation is just that.
Mine angels, once my saviors, bear fangs.
And I take a lone stand amongst the flames.
My heart returns to me, but is not mine.
It has grown since wounding me, but so have I,
And the wound now has festered, and evolved.
Now, only a storm rages within.
They say that Mother is the name of God
In the mind of every child born.
Gods do not die, but Death is my companion
And I watch in fear at my diseased
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The Jester of Shadows by JesterofShadows The Jester of Shadows :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 0 0
No Longer Human
Did I ever tell you who I really am?
I do not know if I did.
The truth, as it is, was told.
But still, did you ever know?
You saw me smiling, laughing, lonely.
You never asked why.
You never looked beyond the mask.
And that is what broke your heart.
Part of me would hate you.
But another part of me can not.
Business as usual, I am divided;
My soul torn between Heaven and Hell.
I loved you, did you know that.
At least, I thought it was love.
You loved me, at least I thought so.
Perhaps I was wrong.
A kiss. A grope. Passionate sex.
Good times, bad times, losing time.
These were our memories, our lives.
And with a sentence, they were tarnished.
Since then one day bleeds into the next.
Bright spots flickering in front of my eyes.
Passing events, some great, some terrible.
And a memory before you, my definition.
Choking, unable to breathe, screaming.
Hand around the flesh, constricting.
I wake up, and the scream still surrounds me.
I close my eyes, and still, she is there!
It is here I unde
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'Til Twenty-Ten
      How does it begin? How does it end?
      My poetry, from origin to twenty-ten?
I often sit and wonder,
Here's to the posers.
Do you hear that? That soft sound in the night?
Where are you going?
What is this place? Is it Heaven? Is it Hell?
I looked at the girl, her face serene.
I met her first while in Drama class;
Roll up! Roll up, come and see my show!
Sitting, I feel regret, the price of my mistake.
My heart does beat;
It all starts with a single thought.
Do you see, with hollow eyes,
Tell me, have you ever walked the lonely road?
Am I ok? Am I ok?
I remember the monotony.
This is my life,
Do you dream?
This is my blood,
I flip a coin.
Rainbows make me smile.
My brain is on fire,
Take my hand and follow me;
I have often been told I'm negative.
Do you love me?
Betrayer! You deceived us all!
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
I once held a beautiful goblet;
I am a man of science, logic.
A simple poem doesn't
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Three Cents A Minute
    My name is Mark Cargill. This is the story of how a nightmare came true. This is my story.
    It was cold for a summer night. I remember that. I stood at the corner, listening to the night air around me, not a sound but for the wind. My skin was prickly as the breeze once again swept around me, chilling me to the bone, my green shirt and black pants quite thin and were no defence.
    Where the fuck is that taxi? I thought. It was two in the morning and I had just finished a seven hour shift of nightfilling, my body ached from the pain. There, in the distance lights shone, growing closer, my taxi home. "Thank God," I muttered as the taxi pulled up.
    "Mark?" came the dry, rusty voice of the driver.
    "Yeah.  12 Frank Street Tillingham, please."
    "Frank Street, gotcha."
    I hopped in the car, strapping myself in, looki
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Two-Face Me by JesterofShadows Two-Face Me :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 0 0 Rara Avis by JesterofShadows Rara Avis :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 0 0 Joker Me by JesterofShadows Joker Me :iconjesterofshadows:JesterofShadows 1 2
A fire burns within me,
Bright and furious rage,
Boiling the cooling river
That sparkles through my brain.
And my culture creates cynicism;
A sarcastic, unbreakable mountain;
This creature that I am.
My own steampunk hero.
I watch all the Thens.
Live all the Nows.
Wait for all the Whens.
And see it all unfold.
And through it all,
All the pain and stupidity,
Sees this machine plod forward.
Relentless for its goal, so implaccable.
Is this machine, cold and coglike,
All that I am?
Is there no soul in the machine?
Or is it just the fuel?
Is this divine spark of life
Just a construct of a mainframe?
Is this soul I call my own
Just a series of cause and effect?
This unstoppable machine,
That marches through pain and misery,
Towards some presumably lofty end,
Sees me bound in its processing core.
Mattel outside, Intel inside.
This machine man bound by ones and zeros.
Marches through time and space,
Making you remember the heros.
And now you see the drive, as do I.
A heart still beating hard.
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